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苏畅是注册建筑师及美国建筑师学会会员,同时开展写作、策展与研究工作,现于香港大学教学建筑设计。他的设计作品关注建筑作为个人栖居与集体建造之间的关联想象。个人作品包括北美与亚洲多项策展、住宅与公共建筑设计,并多次组织参与中美建筑与城市设计相关讲座与论坛。2010年起,苏畅先后与中国和美国多位建筑师共事,包括任职于洛杉矶Michael Maltzan建筑事务所与香港王维仁建筑设计研究室。


Su Chang AIA, is an architect, occasional writer and curator, currently teaching architecture design at University of Hong Kong. His design research engages architecture as a form of imagination between individual ways of living and the collective act of building. Chang’s design work includes educational, residential and cultural projects in Asia and North America.  Since 2010, Chang has worked with architects including Michael Maltzan in Los Angeles and Wang Weijen in Hong Kong.

Chang received his Master in Architecture with commendation and Dean’s Merit Scholarship from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Previously, Chang was educated at Peking University, ETH Zürich, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies with First Class Honour and full scholarship from University of Hong Kong in 2013.