Chicago Modern 芝加哥摩登
2014 / Chicago, USA 美国芝加哥

The project brings together programs of different scales, functions and environmental requirements into one mixed-use highrise. The presence of these extreme oppositions subsequently evokes flows of various forms inside the building: circulation, thermodynamics, use, etc. The ambition of the project is therefore to explore a design approach that can organize these flows into an integrated system.
The design kicks off by acknowledging Chicago modern highrise as the vernacular archetype of the city’s built environment. Typical modern high-rise elements (atrium, scissor stairs, cores, etc) are re-visited based on their performative qualites. Prototypical systems emerge in this process of re-invention. At stake is to reiterate modern conventions and to rediscover their new potential in contemporary built environment.

Advised by Eric Höweler