From Stories into Space

This research workshop explored novel methods of conducting field study under Covid-19 travel restrictions.
 Through Wechat video calls, students interviewed villagers in China about their life inside and outside their houses, and developed an ethnographical documentation of their domestic cultures. The collected audio-visual materials and off-site context research were edited into short films to narrate the idea of “home” in China’s countryside today, with a focus on the living condition between the houses and the surrounding argricultural landscape. Through the stories of the villagers’ homes, we enter into the space of their houses.

Workshop Lead: Su Chang, Chiara Oggioni
Teaching: John Lin, Lidia Ratoi, Yi Sun, Haotian Zhang
Assistant: Tianying Li

Students: Hao Feng Chuah, Ming Rou Hon, Anson Tam, Boris Li, Julia Zhu, Ceci Sun, Yushan Chen, Nicola Chau, Issac Ma, Joseph Choy, Moses Fan, and Jason Chan