MIT Student Residence
2017-2021 / Cambridge, USA 美国剑桥

The residence hall’s design (influenced by the Architectural Principles Document developed by a team of MIT students, faculty heads of house, and staff) includes rooms arranged in “clusters” of 35-38 students in a mix of singles and doubles with shared community spaces such as lounges and study rooms. Throughout the building, stairways have been located and designed to encourage communication and travel between the clusters. Residents will also enjoy larger shared community spaces such as study lounges, music rooms, a private courtyard, and other flexible spaces. A dining facility on the first floor, open to the community, will include a kitchen area where students will have the opportunity to cook for themselves. The project will add 450 new dormitory beds and has a target completion date of Fall 2020.

Outside the building, inviting benches will be located along the edge of Vassar Street, and a tree-filled entry courtyard and a plaza area will provide green space and gathering opportunities. In addition to enhancing the student life experience at MIT, the new residence will provide MIT with flexibility and capacity as it continues with its comprehensive renewal of campus housing.

Collaboration / Michael Maltzan Architecture
Team / Michael Maltzan, Gee-ghid Tse, Su Chang, Ben Ruswick, Tom Fryer, Anna Hermann