2016-2019 / Jiyuan, China 中国济源

Inspired by the site’s topographically-charged landscape, this project is a 45-room bed-and-breakfast retreat that revitalizes the abandoned rammed-earth village houses. Based on a typological reading of the vernacular three-side courtyard house, the project reinvents the spatial typology and re-fabricate courtyards and rooms in response to the surrounding mountain and river, allowing nature to grow from within.

The design updates local rammed earth material with modern building techniques to provide best structural support and  interior comfort. The color and texture of the rammed earth walls would change seasonally,  adapting to different temperature and humidity, offer an ever-changing atmosphere and diverse sensual experience for visitors throughout the year.

Collaboration / Wang Weijen Architecture
Team / Wang Weijen, Su Chang, Qian Jianshi, Feng Li, Wang Ying
Assistants / Sun Bochao James, Zhou Zheng Elliot, Li Geng, Jiang Jing, Andrew Li