“The language of architecture is translation”




1.  保持靈活

2. 堅持合作
3. 探尋邊界
4. 在自然與房子之間,選擇自然

1.  be agile
2. always collaborate
3. explore the boundaries
4. if given a choice between nature and building, choose nature


蘇暢的寫作與翻譯作品關注建築在不同領域的思想聯繫,包括《美好生活:現代建築導訪》(Iñaki Ábalos)與即將合作出版的《非參照建築》(Valerio Olgiati)並多次在Wallpaper、台灣建築及哈佛Platform等刊物發表。

Su Chang is an architect, occasional writer and curator. His built work and architectural proposals situate historical typologies in contemporary cultures, focusing on how architecture and landscape can intersect to create space in between for new public life. All projects are collaborative and involve partnership across disciplines to stroll against the category of design.

Chang’s writing and translation work similarly connects architecture’s physical presence to its participation in a larger geography of ideas, most recently in the Chinese edition of Iñaki Ábalos’s The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity (Tongji University Press, 2019) and Valerio Olgiati’s Non-Referential Architecture (forthcoming). Additional publications include essays, interviews, commentaries, and projects in Wallpaper, Taiwan Architecture, and Harvard GSD Platform.

Chang received his Master in Architecture with commendation and Dean’s Merit Scholarship from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Previously, Chang was educated at Peking University, ETH Zürich, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies with First Class Honour and a full scholarship from the University of Hong Kong. He is a licensed architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects, currently co-chairing AIA Hong Kong Chapter’s Programs Committee.

文字 Essays

2021/09    重塑建築對社會的可持續影響 Sustaining the Social Impact of Architecture
2020/12    地圖室內 In the Map Room
2020/10    來去之間 Arrivals and Escapes
2019/06    詞語與世界 Words and Worlds
2018/05    巧建築 Easy Architecture
2017/12      漸近的現實 Approximating Reality

訪問 Interviews

2021/06     一座城市能有多少種不同的校園 Shenzhen: City and Campus
2021/05     六問深圳“新時代十大文化建築”
Six Questions on Shenzhen’s Ten Cultural Facilities of the ‘New Era’

翻譯 Translations

Forthcoming  《非參照建築》 Non-Referential Architecture
2021/06    《美好生活》 The Good Life

演講 Talks

2021/06    地形的現代性:軼事、絮語、流言 - 哈爾濱工業大學深圳校區 The Modernity of Topography: Anecdotes, Chatters, Gossips - HIT Shenzhen
2019/06    詞語與世界 - 同濟大學 Words and World - Tongji University

教學 Teaching

A House, A Home V: Clouds / Architecture before Room
A House, A Home IV: Sustaining Tradition
A House, A Home III: Grounding Modern
A House, A Home II: Traditional Modern
A House, A Home I: Modern Tradition
Ecology II: Mountain Learning
Ecology I: Idea Rendering